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Sky Rise Yoga

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You are invited to experience Altitude London's newest launch: Sky Rise Yoga, an exclusive fitness studio.

With iconic and breathtaking views of the city to stimulate your mind and body, we provide you with a host of various fitness classes in our sleek exercise studio that include yoga, dance and martial arts.

With emphasis on three areas of fitness; strength, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility you can achieve your fitness goals in our premier health facilities and services.


Physically, yoga promotes muscle strength and joint mobility, efficiently and safely. It de-stressesmind and body; cleanses the internal organs and re- balances hormones and blood sugar. It relaxes the mind and encourages mental focus.

Yoga allows one to dive into oneself , to explore limitations. During a practice we meet various intense challenges, that can be seen as metaphors for life challenges!

" Then I remember, release, calm, and focus yourself. I'm going to relax my feet, drop my shoulders, take a breath, and then just go with it. "

Ultimately yoga is about, 'Going with the flow'.

"Remember the last time you had a bad day, you weren't feeling well, and you went into your yoga class? The first couple of poses were difficult, but by the end of the class you say, 'Aaahhh'. It works the same way in all physical activity, no matter how unfocused you feel pre-workout. Before you know it, you'll be in the flow. You just need to be open to it."

Date: Weekly

Event Start: 07.00

Event End: 8.00

10 Classes £50